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    The SUA Food Pantry and Lounge is a student-led food resource that provides free groceries for all UC Santa Cruz students (undergraduate and graduate), visiting scholars, and more! The space acts as a virtual and physical hub to support students in their journey to access essential services that impact health, belonging, and overall well-being. The SUA Food Pantry team is committed to fostering belonging and justice on the UC Santa Cruz campus through a robust model of prevention, intervention and emergency relief efforts addressing holistic needs. We define basic needs as an ecosystem that includes: financial stability; nutritious and sufficient food; safe, secure and adequate housing; accessible and equitable health/medical care, technology and transportation. 

    We offer items such as rice, pasta, milk, cereal, freezer items, and fresh produce! Students are welcome to come throughout the week, take as much as needed whenever needed while being mindful that it is a shared community resource for the campus.The Pantry operates on a self-assessed need basis. There are no eligibility requirements and all you need is to fill out a QR-Coded Google Form upon entrance.

    Hours: 11:00am-6:00pm

    Location: OPERS facility by the check-in desk and pool

    Eligibility Requirements: UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate, and Graduate Students

    Fees: None

    As a food agency in partnership with Second Harvest Food Banks Santa Cruz, we are working hard to feed people who need food now and to advocate for policies that tackle the root causes of hunger. In Santa Cruz County, 1 in 5 people face hunger. For children it’s 1 in 4. Hunger is not inevitable. Founded in 1972, Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County was the first food bank in California and is the second oldest in the nation, that continues to support all members of the Santa Cruz community. The pantry is currently CLOSED, and once re-opened in Fall 2022, there will be many opportunities where students can both receive and provide support.

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