How to Get Involved

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) offers a wide varity of opportunities for students to get involved at many different leadership levels. We encourage you to contribute ideas, share your unique perspective and opinions, gain valuable experience, and take part in making a difference on campus. Learn more about how the SUA and campus student organizations are structured, and see where you could fit!

Our weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays at 8pm. Our Fall 2017 meetings will be at the Cervantes Velasquez Conference Room. Come out to hear the latest happenings at UC Santa Cruz. Meetings are open and all students are encouraged to attend. If you would like to speak to the Assembly, there are times during the meeting when you may share.

Intern for an SUA Officer

Applications close on October 11th, 2017. All jobs can be found on the university employee request system beginning September 22nd, 2017. We highly encourage you send your resume to the respective officer who's office you are applying under. This can be done through email or attaching a google drive link or linkedin to the application. (If you use google drive please make sure the document is public).

Through working within SUA, students can gain invaluable leadership experience through student advocacy, finance management, and event planning. Positions include hourly, stipend, volunteer, and intern opportunities. If you are interested in applying for a position within SUA, please contact your SUA Officers.

Apply to Attend a Conference

The Assembly sponsors students the cost of travel and lodge to attend to the following educational conferences every year:

Summer - UC Student Association Congress 

Fall - Students of Color Conference

Winter - National Student Power Summit (Leg Con) 

Spring - Student Lobby Conference

Be an Assembly Representative

In addition to the six student body officers, the Assembly is comprised of 40 (forty) Representatives.  While 10 (ten) Representatives were elected in the previous Spring Quarter, you can become an appointed representative for your college or student organization. Such representatives are chosen in a manner determined by their respective college government and student organizations.

Join a Committee or Commission

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) offers students a great opportunity to play an integral part of the decision-marking process at UC Santa Cruz. Students have the chance to be appointed to committees and help to make a difference on the campus. This can be a great way to meet new people and enhance your leadership skills.

You can join a SUA standing committee and take part in decisions that affect changes and logisitics in the SUA directly. Also consider a campus-wide or systemwide committee. The Student Committee on Committee appoints students to committees consisting of students, University faculty, staff, and/or administration. These committees deal with campus wide issues and make recommendations for the University regarding issues such as academic policies, budget, sustainability, campus services and more.

Find or Start a Student Organization

Student Organization Advising Resources (SOAR)
SOAR’s Mission: SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts and Diversity (SOMeCA) is dedicated to the success of UCSC's campus-wide student organizations and government.

Student organizations and government are unique learning environments, vital to the educational mission of the university. They offer students a place to explore the links between their life experiences, their academic work, and their hopes for the future. They create programs for the university that build community, campus-wide discourse, and inspiration.

SOAR helps student organizations and government reach this potential. SOAR's professional and experienced staff offers mentorship, leadership training, organizational development advising, and event management services to all students. SOAR services are designed through a process of continual assessment and improvement. SOAR staff actively seeks out the ideas of students and colleagues in the field of student affairs to ensure that SOAR services meet the changing needs of the UCSC student body.