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Judith Gutierrez
Officer Judith Gutierrez 
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Major Politics
College Rachel Carson

Hello there!

My name is Judith Gutierrez, and I am your Vice President of External Affairs. I am latina born and raised in Los Angeles County. I’m currently a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Politics with an emphasis in American Politics. I have been a part of the Student Union Assembly (SUA) for two years now, and I am honored to be the new External Vice President. As the External Vice President, I represent UCSC at local, state, and national level politics. I look forward to working towards representing the student body at UCSC while bettering the campus and the UC system as a whole.

The Office of External Affairs consists of a team of students who advocate and fight for students at the city, state, and national level. Policies that are created at the UC Board of Regents, Office of the President, California State Legislature, and Washington DC impact the future of our campus. It is our job to make sure the policies created best benefit the students.

This year, the office will be focussing on a lot of pressing issues such as the tuition increases, housing crisis on and off campus, food insecurity, accessibility to mental health services through CAPS, and many more. In light of the 2016 National Elections, the Office of External Affairs will also run voter registration drives in the Fall ‘16 to better make voting simple and accessible for students.

I have always believed that we are stronger in large numbers, so join  me in not only improving the wonderful campus we attend, but the system it belongs to.

Respectfully yours,
Judith Gutierrez
Vice President of External Affairs