The Students Committee on Committees (SCOC) appoints students to important advisory committees across campus which report to administrators in various departments. The SCOC accepts applications for student appointments as positions for student representatives become available on new committees. We review applications on a rolling basis and thanks to Measure 22: The Student Voice and Empowerment Fee, students are able to receive monetary compensation for their participation in committees.

Advisory committees are vital to protecting the integrity of student opinion and self-determination. Committees include topics such as: Financial Aid, Libraries, Admissions, Educational Policy, and International Education. We are here to have your voice heard! The voice of the students in these committees is essential to the progress of our campus. We make sure to have each committee representative attend their respective meetings, report back to us each quarter, and that each representative receives a stipend for their completed work. The SCOC college representatives are liaisons between SCOC and the respective college governments to inform them of the committees.

The SCOC, then, is charged with appointing and overseeing undergraduate representatives to these committees. There are a plethora of exciting opportunities for you to investigate and apply to. We greatly appreciate your passion in getting involved here at UC Santa Cruz.

If you have further questions, please contact us via email at 

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