UC Santa Cruz Lobby Corps

  • Lobby Corps is a committee under the SUA Office of External Affairs that works to advocate for issues that affect students in higher education on the local, state, and federal levels. Each week, we discuss issues relevant to students on our campus and across the UC, and how we can advocate for our elected and appointed officials to better represent our diverse needs.

    Winter 2020 Meeting Information:


    Thursdays 7 PM 

    Located in Amah Mutsun above the bookstore 


    • We defend students by fighting to keep tuition stable, and working to influence state and UC policy. 
    • We inform students by generating policy briefs, making legislation more accessible, publicizing support and opposition to legislation that affects students. 
    • We carry messages by coordinating with student orgs and resource centers to identify key issues and policies that affect our students, and by informing our representatives of how students are affected by these policies, and providing students with the support necessary to voice their opinions about such policies and legislation.


    Lobby Corps is under the Office of External Affairs in the Student Union Assembly. Meet the Lobby Corps Team below!


    Rojina Bozorgnia - Legislative Director 


    Represents UCSC students on the systemwide level through a seat on the UC Student Association Board of Directors and organizes legislative advocacy and lobbying trips to Sacramento and Washington, D.C as well as to UC Regents meetings, sets legislative and budgetary priorities for the year. 


    David Miller Shevelev - Lobby Corps Director


    Organizes and runs Lobby Corps meetings, schedules meetings with legislators and supports legislative advocates with policy briefs and prepping for meetings by creating comprehensive and details legislator bios and leave-behind documents 

    Marlena De Castro - Legislative Advocate for UC-wide & Federal policy


    Advocates for UCSC students on a systemwide and federal level through meeting with legislators and lobbying for student priorities. Works to inform the student body about current issues and act as a liaison between undergraduates and their elected representatives. Currently focused on rejecting the proposed cohort-based tuition, investigating Title IX policy and establishing resource centers to better support our DACA students, as well as advocating for a contract with AFSCME 3299. 

    Mitra Zarinebaf - Legislative Advocate for State policy

    Advocates for UCSC students on a state level through meeting with legislators and lobbying for student priorities. Currently focused on basic needs including housing and food insecurity,  deferred maintenance, advocating for a larger budget across the UC to keep up with enrollment, and any issues that need to be brought to the attention. 

    Jonathan Davis - Legislative Advocate for Local policy

    Advocates for UCSC students in the city of Santa Cruz through meeting with local legislators and city council members, and lobbying for student priorities. Currently focuses include securing access to Sexual Assault Response Team exams within Santa Cruz county and holding our Sheriff’s and Police Departments more accountable when it comes to keeping students informed of issues of sexual assault and harrassment within the city and county. In addition, we are advocating for the establishment of a voting student seat on the Santa Cruz Prevention of Violence Against Women committee.



Contact Us: 

Rojina Bozorgnia - Legislative Director 


David Miller Shevelev - Lobby Corps Director