The Assembly

The SUA is entirely student-led and student-funded. It deals directly with student concerns – both those that relate directly to UCSC students (such as student fees, campus labor issues, and matters of academic integrity), and those that affect students on the local, state and national levels (including budget cuts, voter registration, and accessibility to higher education). The SUA holds a high priority in hosting student events, holding political rallies, establishing/maintaining coalitions with other campus entities and the university administration. Above all, the SUA’s highest priorities are to facilitate student internships and activist opportunities.

The Student Union Assembly is composed of:

Assembly Meetings

The SUA conducts open meetings every week, time and location will change each quarter. The assembly operates through issue-specific campaigns. SUA has previously formed strategic campaigns around fighting tuition hikes, defending affirmative action, saving the narrative evaluation system, striving for reasonable campus growth, and reforming the UC Regents’ procedures.

The Assembly Meetings during the 2019-2020 academic year are held every Tuesday at 8PM and are located at:

Fall Quarter - Cervantes Velasquez Conference Room above the Bay Tree Bookstore

Winter Quarter - TBD

Spring Quarter - TBD