SUA Committees

Standing Committees of the Student Union Assembly

Flow Chart of Internships and Committees

  • Student Organizing Funding Advisory CommitteeThis committee is charged with receiving, debating, and making recommendations regarding funding requests that the SUA receives throughout the year.  The committee meets twice per quarter and is chaired by the SUA Treasurer.
  • Lobby CorpsThis committee is charged with formulating and organizing an advocacy strategy on behalf of students. Lobby Corps periodically visits with the Santa Cruz City Council, California Legislature in Sacramento, and Washington D.C. to lobby legislators on what they see are the current pressing issues for the welfare of the UCSC undergraduate students. 
  • Student Academic Senate: Works to establish common goals among all the colleges and talk about academic and university policy to promote academic progress.
  • Diversity Commission: Facilitates the overview and tracking of all issues of diversity at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Student Committee on Committees: Facilitates the appointment and tracking of all student representatives to campus-wide committees, including any administrative committees. 

College-wide elected officials are required to sit on logistical committees for the Student Union Assembly. Appointed Representatives and organization representatives do not have to sit on a committee, but they can if they decide to.