Airielle Silva (she/they)


Office Hours




Major Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES); Black Studies Minor
Year 3rd Year
College John R. Lewis




Hello Community! I am Airielle Silva, a third-year CRES (Critical Race and Ethnic Studies) Major, Black Studies Minor, and John R Lewis Affiliate. This academic year I have the honor of serving as SUA President, BSU Co-Chair, BLM Garden Steward, SANAI Events Coordinator, and a CoCo (The College Nine and John R. Lewis College CoCurricular Programs Office) Student Programs Coordinator. As a mixed and queer student raised in a matriarchal household, I carry the honor of my ancestors in every role I serve at UCSC. I am beyond enthused about this academic year! I enjoy going on rainy walks and being in the ocean in my free time. You will also often find me at a K-pop concert or getting emotional over animated characters lol:”)