Max Jimenez 


Meeting Hours

Time: Monday, 10-11:30am & Wednesday 12-1:30pm

By Appointment

Location: 2nd Floor, Student Union Building

Major Community Studies Major, Politics Minor
College Kresge, Power and Representation


Hi everyone!

My name is Maxine Jimenez, but please call me Max. I am a 3rd year, Kresge Affiliate and Community Studies Major. I am so excited to be the 2017-2018 SUA President.

Past Involvement in UCSC 

Before SUA, I worked under Student Organization Advising & Resources (SOAR), specifically, for the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP). I was the Fiscal Co-chair and coordinated with other students to organize student-facilitated sections that are supplemented by a weekly keynote speaker on Mondays. The organization values collaborative and experiential learning, while focusing on the issue of sustainability that goes beyond, environmental justice but also social issues. I was a Residential Assistant and Academic Mentor in Kresge College. I organized with various student groups and individual students on fighting for housing justice both on and off campus.


I am excited to work on housing issues with students, administration, faculty, staff and community members to make sure that this basic need is available, affordable and just. I launched the Student Union Housing Working Group in hopes to engage more students in organizing to create improvements in our lives. I am also fighting to get students more leverage in decision making spaces and for administration and other decision makers to include more students not just in the conversation but in the process of decision making. I value student input and that there is no better person to know what student needs are other than students. Most of all, I want to prioritize being responsive when issues arise. I want to make sure that we address pressing issues and being vocal about them. We can’t afford to waste time and I want to do my best in supporting the student body during the best and worst times. I am hopeful that the SUA will continue and improve to be a space where students advocate for their needs and get things done. I love collaborating on events, campaigns and any other initiatives so please reach out!

More About Me

I was born in the Philippines and I immigrated to LA in 2005. I started organizing in my community of Highland Park in High School. I worked to make my neighborhood more of a green canopy. I also organized with community members to fight for housing justice by working with a local tenant union. I love to grow my own food and I hope to grow all my food someday where my cat, Panther will help me. I also write poetry and I hope to continue writing as much as I can during my term.