Vice President of Internal Affairs

alice malmberg


Officer  Alice Malmberg
Office Hours

Wednesdays 5-8pm

Major Politics and Feminist Studies
College Cowell

My name is Alice, and I’m excited to be your new Vice President of Internal Affairs! I’m originally from a small city in Virginia near Washington, D.C. and I came to UCSC for college because I needed a change and wanted to embark on a new adventure on the West Coast. I’m a fourth year studying politics and feminist studies, and I’ve been involved in SUA in multiple capacities since my first year. I’m also a member of Cowell Senate and the College Democrats Club, and I’ve worked as a peer writing tutor, intern with the UCSC Alumni Office, Cowell orientation leader, and volunteer event photographer.

One thing I’m looking forward to this year is running the Student Committee on Committees. This group gives students paid opportunities to represent student interests on committees that cover topics ranging from the housing crisis to the future of the UCSC campus and everything in between. My first year, I sat on the Committee on Educational Policy, which motivated me to get more involved in campus-wide student advocacy. Since then, I’ve served on other committees, including the Student Fee Advisory Committee, Elections Commission, and the search committee for the new Dean of Students, and I’m excited to share my passion for student advocacy by appointing others to committees this year.

Some other goals for my term are to give students more opportunities to build connections across campus by holding more campus-wide events, including a UCSC Spirit Week that’s happening Week 3 of Fall Quarter, improving SUA so it’s more accessible and receptive to student needs, and lobbying administrators, TAPS, and CAPS to get better resources for students. I will also be tabling in the Quarry every week to take student opinions, questions, and concerns, in addition to my regular office hours, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I cut my own hair
  • I love to travel, and San Francisco is my favorite city in the world
  • I can be incredibly stubborn - I went vegetarian on a dare when I was 14, and I still don’t eat meat 7 years later!