Vice President of Internal Affairs


Chloe Mietzel


Social Media Instagram @ucsc_scoc, ucsc_ivp
Office Hours

Time: By Appointment 

Location: Zoom

Major Politics
Year Fourth


About Yourself:

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Mietzel and I am so excited to serve as your Vice President of Internal Affairs for the 2020-2021 school year. I am a fourth year Politics major affiliated with Stevenson College and am originally from San Diego, CA. Even though fall quarter is online,  I am looking forward to making this year as best as possible for everyone. 

Although this school year is far from what any of us expected, I plan on making my office as accessible as it can be for everyone. Whether it is through a Zoom call or a simple email, I will be available to all students as best as I can. This year is a learning curve for us all and I truly want to support each and every one of you.

As someone new to the SUA space, I hope my time as an officer encourages more people to get involved. I plan on holding virtual town hall meetings to increase transparency between SUA and students and promoting more on campus events. I am also incharge of the Student Committee on Committees (SCOC)  and would love to have more people involved with that as well, as it is a great way to improve our campus while getting paid at the same time. 

After dealing with Type One diabetes for 16 years, I understand the importance of being an advocate for not only yourself, but for others as well. I am looking forward to using my position as IVP to advocate on behalf of students and make sure that everyone feels heard. I truly want everyone to feel a part of the UCSC community. 


Past Involvement:

My interest in getting involved with SUA stemmed from my UCDC experience last fall. During my time in D.C., I served as a government affairs intern for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  It was there that I realized I wanted to bring my passion for advocacy onto campus. Additionally, I’ve served as  the coalitions intern for our school's CALPIRG chapter. My job involved meeting with SUA to talk about our campaign agenda while fostering a relationship between SUA and our club. As VP of Internal Affairs, I'd like to build better relationships with all organizations in order to decrease the disconnect between SUA and students.


Office Initiatives:

As IVP I plan on increasing the sense of community at UCSC, work with the new Housing Legal Aid Project, and encourage more SCOC participation. SCOC recently made an Instagram account, ucsc_scoc, so please feel free to check it out. 


Fun Facts about yourself:

I am left-handed, I sang in the Vatican with my high school choir, and I am a Type One diabetic.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and I hope to meet many of you throughout the school year.