Constitutional Duties

Article lll, Section A.6 of the SUA Constitution

a. Works to improve communication and advertising with in the whole SUA 

b. Organizes and recruits students to attend programming sponsored by the Student Union Assembly.

c. Works with other officers to create publications that further promote the purpose of the SUA.

d. Makes and facilitates connections between campus movements/issues and those of the UC system as a whole. 

e. Be the main coordinator of SUA’s involvement in Summer Orientation and move-in week. 

f. Provides Programs and Activities for the student body.

g. Builds relationships between the SUA and organizations, specifically sustainability, SOAR, student media, department, college, OPERS, and all other student organizations.

h. Works with SUA entities on publicizing and improving outreach events; for example, making events sustainable, making events accessible, and communicating SUA events to the student body.

i. Works on long range development plan of campus life at UCSC including but not limited to improving athletic programs, music and arts facilities, Student Union, programming and organizing spaces, and the amphitheater. 

j. Required to hold weekly office hours (3) at the SUA office.

k. Attends weekly officer meeting(s) to ensure communication and collaboration.

l. Prepares a monthly report evaluating the SUA, which provides constructive criticism, for the purposes of improvement.

m. Carryout any other duties as set forth in this constitution, the bylaws, and/or assigned by the Assembly and/or the President.