SUA Officers

SUA Officers 2013-2014 at Freshman Orientation during the Summer with Dean of Students Alma Sifuentes. From left to right: Max Hufft, IVC; Tony Milgram, EVC; Alma Sifuentes, Dean of Students; Shaz Umer, Chair; Vanessa Morales, CAA; Ivan Medina, OD; Charlsie Chang; COD

The student body officers include the Chair, Internal Vice Chair, External Vice Chair, Commissioner of Diversity, Commissioner of Academic Affairs, and Organizing Director who are elected by the entire student body.

2013-2014 Officers: Shaz Umer (Chair), Max Hufft (Internal Vice Chair), Tony Milgram (External Vice Chair), Vanessa Morales (Commissioner of Academic Affairs), Charlsie Chang (Comissioner of Diversity), Ivan Medina (Organizing Director)