Charlsie Chang

Name: Charlsie Chang
Office Location: Student Union 2nd Floor
Winter 2014 Office Hours: Wednesdays 12PM -2PM at SUA Office
Birthday: March 2
College: Stevenson College
I was never really involved with ASB or student government in high school, but I got involved with Stevenson Student Council and SUA before I was a freshman by attending the UCSA conference and felt inspired by the issues brought before me by my fellow peers and students. Diversity of all forms enhances student life and the educational experience, and I am committed to representing that voice and the student body. I've had a wide range of experiences from Cultural Arts & Diversity, to being on the Students Committees on Committees, to representing Stevenson at SUA, interning at City Council, and working on internal affairs such as Slug Shuttle and UCSC's Got Talent.

My main priorities this year will be with the resource centers, SOAR, and the various student organizations on campus.
In my free time I like going on reddit and eating popsicles.