Max Hufft

Name: Max Hufft
Office Location: Student Union 2nd Floor
Office Hours: Tuesdays 10-11:30am @ Global Village Cafe or by appointment, with exception for 1/21 which will be held at 1:30pm.
Student Committees on Committees:
Birthday: August 27
Major(s): Computer Science
College: Crown College

Hello everyone. Before I became your Internal Vice Chair, I was a man of many hats all around the university. In my first year I was a SAII student worker with dining, a senator in Crown Student Senate, a conference delegate for the UCSA conferences, a student representative on the Committee on Computing and Telecommunications, Crown College representative to the SUA, SCOC, and Academic Senate. I progressed further my second year being promoted to SAIV Student Supervisor in dining, chairing Crown Student Senate, representing students on the Committee on Educational Policy and Crown students on SUA and the Student Fee Advisory Committee. At the end of my second year, I ran for the position I am in now.

When I first got involved with SUA, I was amazed with our amount of student advocacy but shocked by the state of our student life. We were spending more than half our budget on advocacy and our programming and student life budget were taking the hit. This issue is why I ran for office and why I am your IVC. I plan to bring SUA and the Student Committee on Committees to a new level with large programs and events with my outreach teams.

I love to talk to people about UCSC and the student government. If anyone would like to have a conversation about what is going on in SUA, the university, or possibilities of the two, I would love to meet with you. My office hours are listed above but I can also meet by appointment.