• Committee Reportbacks


    Carbon Fund Committee

    2/2/24 At Carbon Fund meeting we reviewed all macro grant projects, those requesting over $5,000 in funding, and came prepared with notes about each application and approved funding to many projects including some at the arboretum and farm and others around campus.

    CCI - Committee on Courses of Instruction

    10/9/23 CCI discussed the use of AI, Online Courses, and UTA's.
    1/8/2024 Discussed modality of classes, requirements for asynchronous courses, forums for announcements in courses.
    1/22/2024 CCI discussed syllabi for future courses, GSI requests for discussion, and student petitions for discussions.
    2/7/2024 Discussed how to approach unqualified instructors in proposed courses, discussed asynchronous course proposals.

    A&R RFAC- Athletics and Recreation Reserve Fee Advisory Committee


    Pool Boilers are 98% done. Today the committee is finally getting the debt cleared that has been accruing since covid.

    We have a meeting of the overview spending we have over the fiscal year 23. During this fiscal year, we maintained a focused approach to our budget and spending. Notably, there have been no major decisions made this fiscal year that significantly impacted our financial position.


    We need a firm that knows how to build Tennis Courts. Dropped many projects that were minor.


    Got updates on many of the facility projects. One project that got approved was the gym reflooring and equipment change plan.

    ACCTP - Advisory Committee on Campus Transportation and Parking

    11/7/23 Link

    SFAC - Student Fee Advisory Committee

    Committee publishes it's own minutes here.