2022-23 Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dora Rasch

Dora Rasch 




Office Hours


Fall quarter: Email for an appointment

Major Ecology and Evolutionary Bio/Politics
Year 4th 


About Yourself:

I'm a fourth year EEB/poli student her at UCSC. I love herptiles, bugs, and crustaceans, and I love being in the field. My advocacy areas of interest include disability activism and activism for ethnic studies in our university and California high schools.

Past Involvement:

 This is my second year surving as VPAA. Last year, I fought for ethnic studies as an A-G requirement, hybrid and remote options during covid, and fair academic misconduct proccesses, among other things.

Office Initiatives:


Fun Facts about Yourself:

 I like to catch salamander larvae at the stream behind Porter caves!