Information for Clients

Thank you for choosing the SUA Student Advocate's Office!

The SUA Student Advocate's Office (SAO) was created to ensure that students are given the support when dealing with university processes and procedures. Our Directors and Caseworkers will try their best to help you reach your goals and/or outcomes you are hoping to achieve.


  • Your caseworker(s) has signed a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with the Student Advocate's Office. This agreement protects your information and requires your caseworker(s) to recognize and respect the confidential nature of their work with you and other clients. Everytime a case is opened, the caseworker is required to present the NDA for to you and to sign a new agreement with you.* Your confidential information is not shared outside the office without your consent, and your caseworker will only discuss your case with other members of the SAO when seeking advice from fellow Directors, caseworkers, or the Chief of Staff.

    *Your director/caseworker will have you and them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement Form. This form will allow your caseworker to discuss your case with relevant administrative bodies. Depending on your case, you may need to sign other forms of records release. Contact or meet with your caseworker, if you have any further questions.

    No unauthorized disclosure of confidential information related to your matter shall give rise to any legal cause of action against your caseworker or SAO under any circumstances, and by using our services, you waive your rights any such potential claim or cause of action.

  • Advising

  • The SAO strives to support students and their individual cases to the best of it’s capacity. Please note: we do not offer legal or representative service. Our caseworkers are here to help you understand bureaucratic processes and possible ways in which you can achieve your goal, but all decisions are made solely by you. Your caseworker can give clarity for your case but cannot make the decision for the case and/or provide any services beyond advising.

    We cannot guarantee that you will achieve the result you are hoping for, but we do hope that, as a resource for clarification and advice, that we can help you make the best decision in your eyes for your case. With this understanding, you cannot hold us responsible for any insufficient, undesired, or negative outcomes of your case, as you will be making the final decision.

    If you have any concerns with your caseworker and their work, please email the SAO Chief of Staff at to make a formal complaint.

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