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If you have any questions or would like our assistance, please feel free to contact us. Upon receiving an email, call, or visit, we will assign a Director and/or Caseworker from the relevant division and branch to help you!

    How to Contact Us

  • To open a case or contact us directly with any questions, email us at

    Visit us at our office at Student Union Assembly Office, 2nd Floor Redwood Building.

    For Office Hours, please visit the Student Advocate's Office Staff Page.

    *We do not hold regular office hours during the summer sessions. If you’d like to reach us outside of the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, please email, and we will connect you to a caseworker within 24-48 hours.

    **To find our office, go to the top floor of Student Union Building (Redwood Building across from Baytree Bookstore). The SUA Office is in the double doors on the left.

    ***If you have any issues with your director/caseworker or how your case is being handeled, please email the Chief of Staff at

  • Contact Information

Name Position Email

Isabella Bullock

Vice President of Student Life/Student Advocate

Lauren Woo

SAO Chief of Staff

Taylor McClintic

SAO Director of Financial Aid and Basic Needs

Daisjah Sheperd

SAO Director of Conduct and Academics