Alexandrina Chavez




Meeting Hours

Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00PM - 5:30PM

Location: SUA Office 

Major Politics 
College Ten




I' m Alexandrina Chavez, and a Latina, first-generation, transfer student. This is my fourth and final year here at UCSC! My ultimate life goal is to be the California Secretary of State, but I hope to gain experience in activism with grassroots organizations and nonprofits along the way!

I am passionate about Education and Health Equity policies, and am a proud Undocu/Dreamer Ally!

I love listening to politics podcasts and audiobooks about leadership and self-help!  


I believe that the IVP role has the ability to perform outreach and collect feedback, opinions, and concerns from you to foster a better connection and gather input that can be applied to addressing our administration and improving SUA. I hope to institutionalize methods that make the IVO office more receptive.

By taking on a more receptive role, I aim to better serve you and tackle the campus-wide issues that we face, including but not limited to, sustainability, accessibility, housing, and student involvement.!


Fun Facts:


I’m a Libra, a middle child, and left-handed.

I love poetry, painting, drawing, and anything artistic!

I am originally from Sacramento, so I love indulging in Dutch bros!