Article III, Section A.2 of the SUA Constitution

a. Primarily responsible for the internal operations of the Student Union Assembly.

b. Helps to coordinate the campus-wide internal campaigns in coordination with any applicable SUA officer, intern, committee, subcommittee, task force, campus organization or campus unit.

c. Acts as substitute for the President in their absence d. Serves as chair of the Student Committee on Committees.

e. Assists the President in carrying out SUA directives.

f. Coordinates student participation on all campus-wide committees, boards, and task forces including all academic senate and administrative committees. g. Primary student government organizer on internal campus affairs.

h. Required to hold weekly office hours (3) at the SUA office.

i. Attends weekly officer meeting(s) to ensure communication and collaboration.

j. Prepares a monthly report evaluating the SUA, which provides constructive criticism, for the purposes of improvement.

k. Carryout any other duties as set forth in this constitution, the bylaws, and/or as assigned by the Assembly and/or the President. 8 STUDENT UNION ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTION

l. Shall use the Executive Vice Chair of the Student Committees on Committees to help run the appointment process of SCOC and run the partnership.

m. The Vice President of Internal Affairs shall work or be a resource on all internal campus wide issues that come forth from the SCOC, e^2: Engaging Education, Campus Sustainability Council or the Student Union Assembly.