Constitutional Duties

Article III, Section A.5 of the SUA Constitution

  • Establishes and maintains communication with the UCSC and system wide Academic Senate and all undergraduate academic related programs.
  • Shall and inform and represent the SUA on matters of academic policy.
  • Shall act as the representative to the Academic Senate on the Committee on Educational Policy.
  • Shall provide for periodic polls and information surveys to assess student concerns.
  • Required to hold weekly office hours (3) at the SUA office.
  • Attends weekly officer meeting(s) to ensure communication and collaboration.
  • Prepares a monthly report evaluating the SUA, which provides constructive criticism, for the purposes of improvement.
  • Carryout any other duties as set forth in this constitution, the bylaws, and/or assigned by the Assembly and/or President.
  • Shall meet at least two times a quarter with the Student Academic Senate in order to establish a goals and criteria for academic policy and advocacy for the student body and delegate responsibilities.
  • Meet with all the Academic Student Representatives to discuss possible advocacy and policy within the Academic Senate.