Citlalli Aquino



suavpi@ucsc.edu ; caaquino@ucsc.edu

Meeting Hours

Office Hours: Mon, Wed 5:30-7pm & by appointment

Major Marine Biology
College Kresge



Hey everyone! My name is Citlalli Aquino and I am the Student Union Assembly Internal Vice President at University of California, Santa Cruz. I am from Santa Barbara and San Diego. During my time at UCSC, I have been involved with the Yes on M Campaign and Human Rights Council of Oceanside. Currently, I am part of the Students United with Renters. 

The reason why I ran for the position of Internal Vice President is that I want to address the problems that students at UCSC are facing this year, like housing and food insecurity. 



A few initiatives I plan to accomplish during my term is to:

  1. Establish a safe parking program for houseless students
  2. Help build a space for tenants to connect and receive support when they are facing housing related problems like facing rent increases, landlord harassment, and eviction
  3. Provide free legal aid for students
  4. Create a student seat on every city committee and commission 


Fun Facts:

I play the violin, own two cats, and do archery.