2023 SUA Candidate Information:

Candidate statements can be found here: elections/2023-sua-candidates.pdf



  • Airelle Silva
  • Alfredo Gama-Salmeron 
  • Daniel Halpern-DeVries
  • Mailynn Flores 
  • Miguel Salcedo Maciel 

Vice President of Internal Affairs 

  • Aadity Sharma
  • Audrey Avelino
  • Favian Miramontes Villalpando

Vice President of External Affairs 

  • Alisa Johnson-Vela
  • Andres Martinez-Sabino

Vice President of Academic Affairs 

  • Jamie Nelson Hindery
  • Stephanie Sanchez Toscano 

Vice President of Student Life  

  • Alicia Anyanwu
  • Jesus Medina
  • Akira Swan

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion  

  • Leslie Marquez

SUA At-Large Representative 

  • Thomas Paff

Student Organization

  • Jewish Student Union


 Coming Soon: Sample 2023 Ballot Language 

While we ready the proposed referenda for the Spring 2023 for the ballot, you can review examples from previous elections cycles in the campus elections archive. We are also providing direct links to recent examples of ballot language for fee measures, an opinion poll, and a SUA constitutional amendment.