OP Staff Hiring

Every year the SUA President appoints students to work within the SUA Office of the President. Currently, we have an open position for a lead developer for the mobile application SlugLink. Check the job description below and email suapcs@ucsc.edu if you are interested or have any questions.
Positions include:
  • Executive Chief of Staff
  • Policy Director
  • Multimedia Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Clerk 
Please email suapres@ucsc.edu with comments, concerns or questions.
Job Descriptions:
SlugLink Developer
  • Experience building full-stack applications
  • Ability to discuss what you contributed to those projects, how you used both your frontend and backend knowledge to implement those projects, hiccups you ran into, and how you overcame them
  • Must have React & Javascript experience and be able to articulate their core concepts with a firm understanding of functional components
  • Experience with Github or other similar version control system

Executive Chief of Staff
  • Right-hand person of the President
  • Executive Advisor to the UCSC Student Body President
  • Serves as the Chief of Staff within the Office of the President
  • Manages all of the President's email and social media communication
  • Serves as the President’s liaison to other organizations and campus departments
  • Schedules various meetings based on the President's weekly and monthly calendar
  • Leads the weekly SUA Office of the President staff meetings
  • Checks in with other OP interns regularly
  • Fosters communication between all SUA interns and hold regular meetings
  • Manages healthy relationship with assembly members, officers, advisor and organizations
  • Facilitates conversations between the President, the admin, and the students
  • Carries out any other duties assigned by the President


Policy Director

  • Chief intern in charge of the Office of the President campaigns and projects for the whole year
  • Creates the annual plan for the Office of the President initiatives as well as sets appropriate and necessary goals and vision
  • Ensures campaign promises are being met throughout the year and plans all projects in relation with the C-H-A-N-G-E platform (Shivika's election campaign platform
  • Recruits members and volunteers for various OP projects, initiatives, and events as well as in charge of guiding the vision and mission at all times. 
  • Leads all sub-committees in charge of various aspects of C-H-A-N-G-E platform (Crisis Management, Helpline, Agile, Navigating New Necessities, Gurantee Support, and Engage)
  • Develops and implements any programming and tasks as assigned by the President
  • Researches various strategies, resources, and collaborative measures for the President
  • Works closely with the SUA President to build relationships both within UCSC and in Santa Cruz by communicating and collaborating with students, organizations, local unions, non-profits, and community members. 
  • Attends all SUA sponsored events
  • Carries out any other duties assigned by the President


Multimedia Manager
  • Lead Press Liason and spokesperson for the Student Union Assembly and the SUA Office of the President
  • Exceptionally skilled at creating digital media, taking photos and videos, photo and video editing, etc.
  • Develops and maintains the SUA Website. Experienced with Web Content Management System (WCMS) or has previous experience developing or maintaining websites using HTML/CSS or using Wix/Weebly, etc. 
  • Manages all social media accounts for Student Union Assembly and the Office of the President and develops creative material to advertise SUA events, campaigns, and other efforts
  • Attends and records all of the Student Union Assembly meetings and uploads it on SUA youtube channel
  • In charge of SUA outreach and engagement inititiatives and efforts throughout the year
  • Attends all SUA Outreach Committee's meetings and assists chair with Plan-of-Action directives 
  • Creates SUA Newsletters and Press Conferences
  • Assists President with collaborative projects
  • (Preferably) owns a camera/shooting equipment and has access to Adobe Creative Suite
  • Collaboratively executes campaigns as set forth by the President 
  • Shall occasionally serve to represent the Office of the President in meetings with administrators and other student leaders.
  • Maintains communication between the SUA Office of the President and the student body, committees (academic, administrative, and student), on SUA and SUA Office of the President's efforts.
  • Carries out any other duties as set forth by the President

    *Additional information about SUA's Outreach Committees

  1. Increases student body engagement with SUA and UCSC events
  2. Maximizes social media presence
  3. Aids all other SUA events, campaigns, or committees on outreach purposes


 Multimedia Assistant

  • Strong written, verbal, interpersonal communications skills including active listening skills.
  • Strong strategic planning, marketing, project management, analytical, critical thinking and problem recognition, avoidance, and resolution skills.
  • Strong skills to ensure production of high quality work within budget and time constraints.
  • Experience in marketing and communications.
  • Ability to create flyers, posters, and visual graphics with software tools including the Adobe Creative Suite - Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, or another editing tool.
  • Extremely punctual and able to meet strict deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Required to attend all SUA Meetings.
Constitutional Duties (Article III, Section A.9):
  1. Work with the SUA Officers on maintaining the budget of the year.
  2. Will work with campus Service Center to establish and maintain the budget throughout the year. 
  3. Does not have budgetary authority but can make alternative budgets and suggestions for the fiscal health of the organization. 
  4. Helps prepare checks and travel reimbursements, preparation for the SUA.
  5. Will look at the expense reports of the year to analyze what changes can be made to the budget and present them to the President and SUA Board of Directors.
  6. Every year with approval of the President, based on budget expense reports, prepare at least 3 budget scenarios for the body to consider.
  7. Research ways to save money and advise the officers on spending from their office budget.
  8. Will look and advise the SUA Board of Directors on the UCSA and USSA budgets for improvements or suggestions during their budgetary cycles.
  9. Helps contacts with both USSA and UCSA to pay membership dues.
  10. Will not advise Engaging Education or Campus Sustainability Council because they have budgetary autonomy from the Student Union Assembly, and therefore will not present or help prepare budgets to the Student Union Assembly
Bylaw Duties:
  1. Section E.1.B.II: The Treasurer is charged with notifying all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) of the times, dates and locations of all Assembly meetings where the budget will be discussed.
  2. Section F.2.B: Serves as Treasurer of Student Organization Funding Advisory (SOFA).
  3. Additional Duties-
  4. Will serve as Vice Chair of SUA's Finance Board
  5. Keep a ledger of all SUA transactions
  6. Educate SUA members on budgetary matters
  7. Attend all SUA and SOFA meetings
  8. Meet with the President weekly
  9. Carryout any other duties as assigned by the President

Recording Clerk

Constitutional Duties (Article III, Section A.8)

  1. Shall work with the SUA Officers to assemble the agendas, minutes and other items as needed by the SUA.
  2. Will receive agenda item requests and meet with the President to distinguish what will go on the agenda. The Recording Clerk must receive the request by the Friday of the previous week in order to get on the Agenda the next Tuesday.
  3. Shall have the agenda displayed for the body by Monday at noon before the SUA meeting Tuesday.
  4. The Recording Clerk must have the agenda of the officers by 5pm on the day the meeting to prepare Agenda Packets.
  5. The Recording Clerk will take minutes for the SUA Meetings and have them posted by the following Thursday at Midnight. Any corrections to the minutes shall be completed by the next Tuesday meeting.
  6. Shall coordinate with the Historian/Media Coordinator to send out and document Resolutions and Actions coming from SUA.
  7. Shall contact members of the SUA community and receive items or reports of the SUA for meeting purposes to be distributed to the SUA members by the Friday before the meeting.

Additional Duties:

  1. Take minutes for Student Organization Funding Advisory (SOFA) meetings.
  2. Attend all SUA and SOFA meetings.
  3. Aides the SUA Multimedia Manager in creating the SUA Newsletter
  4. Meet with the President weekly.
  5. Carryout any other duties assigned by the President. 

Parliamentarian (Hired by the Assembly)
  • Shall remain impartial on all discussions and decision-making of the SUA, unless in the case of casting a vote to make or break a tie of the voting membership.
  • Works with the Recording Clerk to create agendas and minutes for meetings of the SUA.
  • Chair the meeting of the Assembly.
  • Maintain the official roster of the voting membership of the SUA.
  • Foster teamwork between the voting membership of the SUA and the Officers of the SUA.
  • Carryout any other duties as set forth in this constitution, the bylaws, and/or assigned by the voting membership of the SUA.