Officer  Grace Shefcik
Office Hours Spring 2017: Thursdays 1:30-4:30 pm and by appointment
Major Cognitive Science 

College Ten


Chief of Staff: Allyson Guo
Outreach Coordinator: Davon Thomas

Hi! My name is Grace (she/her/hers) and I am a senior student from San Diego. I joined the Internal office my first year here as an outreach coordinator for the Student Committee on Committees (SCOC), and since then, imagined running it. My second year I was SCOC's admin, and also got involved with the Academic Affairs office as an intern; later that year, I was the Elections Commissioner. My third year I was Chief of Staff to the Academic Affairs office.

Other units and groups I have been involved with in on campus are the Orientation office, Housing /Res Life, Conference Services, CAPS' Peer Education Program, the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid, the Student Fee Advisory Committee, and the Cognitive Science Student Association.

My main goal this year is to bridge the gap between academic senate and SCOC and foster better communication. Students who serve on academic senate committees deserve to feel safe, respected, and heard. I will be working with academic senate members to ensure students are prepared to enter these committee spaces, and faculty know what student need to feel comfortable. I'm working to ensure students know how to file grievances to academic senate.  This goes hand in hand with my hopes to fill all academic senate and student committees this year. I will be exploring new ways to outreach to students with the steering committee.
Another major goal is working some with CAPS and do mental health focused programming.
Other things I hope to work on are more student events that foster a sense of community, tackling tuition hikes, housing crisis, and food security. 

If you are interested in being an intern in my office or volunteering, please email me at