Resolutions Adopted 2020-2021

Fall Quarter 2020

UCSA Recommendations for the Nov 2020 Ballot - Adopted Oct 27th, 2020

Amendments to Resolution in Support of Resource Commitments to Disability Services- Adopted Nov 17th, 2020

Resolution in Support of Waiving CALPIRG’s Pledge Threshold Requirement for the year in light of COVID19 - Adopted Dec 1, 2020

Resolution Opposing the Suspension of Carlos Cruz - Adopted Dec 8th, 2020

Winter Quarter 2021

Resolution Endorsing the Philippine Human Rights Act (PHRA) - Adopted Jan 12th, 2021

Resolution Concerning Faculty Diversity - Adopted Feb 9th, 2021

Letter of Support for the Center for Innovations in Teaching & Learning (CITL) - Adopted Jan 26th, 2021

Letter Regarding the Academic Senate and the Committee on Courses of Instruction - Adopted Feb 16th, 2021

Juristac Solidarity Act Resolution - Adopted March 2nd, 2021

Resolution Regarding AB-367 - Adopted March 9th, 2021

Spring Quarter 2021

Resolution Calling for Respect for Student Leadership - Adopted March 30th, 2021

Resolution Regarding AB-48 - Adopted April 20th, 2021

Resolution Opposing the Temporary Outside Living Ordinance (TOLO) - Adopted April 20th, 2021

Resolution Regarding AB-1277 - Adopted April 20th, 2021

Resolution in Support for a Grant-Funded Program for Open Textbooks at the UCs - Adopted May 11th, 2021

Resolution Regarding SB-737 - Adopted May 11th, 2021

Resolution Regarding UCPD Gold Book Policing Changes - Adopted May 11th, 2021

Statement Regarding the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide taking place in Palestine - Adopted June 1st, 2021 with the stipulation that the SUA will write a statement addressing the antisemitic violence that has escalated with the increased global attention on Palestine and Israel before June 30th