Student of Color Conference

27th Annual UCSA Student of Color Conference

November 6-8, 2015
UC Berkeley

The Student of Color Conference (SOCC) is the annual UCSA event where the membership come together to engage and challenge students of color and their allies to address issues of structural and cultural inequalities. SOCC is our oldest and largest conference, providing a safe space for students of color and their allies to strategize around statewide and campus-based actions.

The Student of Color Conference can provide a forum for individuals to discuss, explore and educate themselves regarding a wide array of issues affecting people of color. Our primary goal for the conference is to create an inclusive space for community engagement from students of all backgrounds. SOCC can foster a dialogue that critically engages students on issues regarding the School­to­Prison­Pipeline, sexual violence particular facing womyn, decreased funding to ethnic and LGBT studies departments, and the disquieting trend of hate crimes on University Campuses Statewide.

Applications to be part of the UC Santa Cruz delegation to the Student of Color Conference are now closed.