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Shivika Sivakumar



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Major Computer Science and Politics Double Major
Year 4th year

College Nine 



About Yourself:

Hello, my name is Shivika Sivakumar and I am the current Student Body President of University of California, Santa Cruz. Twenty years, seven schools, five states, and two countries is my story. The world I come from is an interesting combination of Gujarati dandia, Delhi weather, Hyderabadi biryani, Bangalore traffic, Cupertino boba, and Santa Cruz beaches. Having been an Air Force Officer’s daughter, I had lived in many states within India before moving countries and relocating to California three weeks into High School. With every place, came new friends and opportunities to learn about different cultures and celebrate new traditions. As a result, I became very used to change and overtime developed the ability to adapt easily to new situations and handle uncertainties with positivity.

I would consider myself to be mostly an extrovert who loves meeting new people and getting to know people's life stories. My hobbies include painting, dancing, biking, playing badminton and hiking. Being a Computer Science and Politics double major, I am very focused and dedicated when it comes to academics but also very vocal and deeply involved when it comes to student leadership, advocacy, and representation. My hope is to combine my passion for Computer Science and Politics and use technology as a tool to solve problems in society and help those in need. 

I am really excited to continue my journey as a second-time SUA President and can't wait to get to know more of y’all throughout this year and the next. So, please feel free to reach out to me ( at any time if you need any help, support, or just want to say hi!


Past Involvement: 


CHANGE was the campaign platform I ran on last election when running to be the SUA President. The Office of the President has been working hard on accomplishing all aspects of CHANGE throughout this academic year despite the pandemic-remote-online setting! 


Progress Tracker: 

  • Detailed Information Link & Tracker Link 
  • Follow @ucscpresident @ucscsua for more updates!

Officer Initiatives: 


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Overall HOPE Goals: 

  • Reconnect students and bring back the slug spirit!
  • Refocus community goals and improve campus climate!
  • Reimagine efforts through research and advocacy! 


HOPE stands for Health, Opportunities, Progress, and Environment. 


Detailed Platform Objectives: 




  • Post-pandemic student physical, mental, and social health. 
  • Real-time covid testing and vaccination information updates, planning social-distanced activities, sharing mental health resources, and organizing community healing, reflection, and bonding events.  
  • Bi-weekly covid health guideline updates
  • Monthly mental health resource sharing
  • Quarterly social healing and bonding events




  • Establishing and expanding ongoing CHANGE projects and initiatives. Continuing to rebuild connections with student groups, reform the SUA internally, and represent the UCSC students at all levels. 
  • Establishing Crisis Communication team, publicizing Slugline mobile application, outreaching Slug Scoop, and expanding Building Bridges program. Open up opportunities and increase student involvement. 
  • Fall - establishment
  • Winter - automation & feedback
  • Spring - next steps




  • Transition from online-remote to hybrid to in-person.  
  • Ensuring students are aware of accurate and real-time information on any and all updates regarding slow transition back onto campus. Advocating to the administration to include student input in transition planning as well involving student leaders in decision-making processes. Actively engaging in the housing, instructional, and engagement workgroups. 
  • Summer - Emails and Meetings
  • Fall - Feedback and Next Steps 




  • Campus Climate - both campus student safety and campus sustainability
  • Transform campus safety based on student input, support and amplify campus environmental initiatives
  • Research and implement better practices campus climate practices
  • Summer and Fall - Research and Student/Organization Input
  • Winter - Projects and Implementation
  • Spring - Feedback and Next Steps

Fun Facts about yourself:

I can speak four languages and understand eight different languages. Being from the Bay Area, I absolutely love boba; so hit me up if you ever want to go on a boba run :)