SUA Endorses the Wildcat Strike

The Student Union Assembly has unanimously adopted a resolution in support of our graduate student strikers!

December 18, 2019

By , SUA Parliamentarian 

An image of the University of California seal superimposed with a wildcat denoting the ongoing wildcat strike at UC Santa Cruz.  The words 'UCSC Grad Workers On Strike!' are laid out along the circumference.

Demonstrators at Kerr Hall carrying signs demanding for a Cost of Living Adjustment.

Photo Credit:  City on a Hill Press / Jamie Moddelmog.  

Read the SUA's Official Resolution

Graduate students at the University of California Santa Cruz do not get paid enough to exist in Santa Cruz.  A plurality of these students pay over 50% of their wages towards rent alone.  As a result of the UCSC administration's failure to meaningfully address this issue, graduate students democratically voted to begin a wildcat strike.   

In an online vote conducted after the last official meeting of the Student Union Assembly, the voting members of the space voted unanimously (22 to 0) to adopt a resolution in support of the ongoing wildcat strike organized by graduate students at UC Santa Cruz.  

The wildcat strike commenced on December 9th and participant graduate students are refusing to submit grades until their demand has been met.  Their demand is simple, a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to increase the pay that graduate students earn to enable graduate students to exist outside of rent burden and on parity with the graduate students at UC Riverside.  This equates to approximately $1,412 more to the monthly wages for every graduate student.

The SUA acknowledges the existence of our graduate student peers who struggle to live in this area.  As the officially recognized voice of Undergraduate Students at UC Santa Cruz, the SUA has the obligation and the privilege to stand in solidarity with our peers as they take action.  We invite our fellow undergraduate students to stand in solidarity and support the strikers!

Please see the following information regarding the strike and the SUA's resolution.

To learn more about the strike and view documentation, resources, and memes; please visit their website at

For questions regarding the content of this resolution, please address them to SUA Parliamentarian Stephan Edgar at  

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the wildcat strike, please address them to the PayUsMoreUCSC primary contact at 

To be kept updated about the strike and show your support, we invite you to do the following:

  1. Sign up for COLA Notifications here
  2. Text “wildcat” to 844.936.0993
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