SUA Officers Now Hiring Staff Interns

October 01, 2015

By SUA Staff 

The Student Union Assembly is hiring interns for this year. As the official undergraduate student body, we work on a wide variety of issues that affect student life. We have positions that range from dealing with university policy, to working on organizing and programming.

Listed below are brief descriptions of each SUA Officer and the positions they have available.  

President - Serves as the leader and principal spokesperson of the undergraduate student body.They ensure effective and cohesive collaboration between the Assembly and the campus. 
  • Treasurer - ER# 4473 - POSITION FILLED
  • Recording Clerk - ER# 4474 - POSITION FILLED
  • Assistant Director - ER# 5390
Office of Internal Affairs - Works on all internal campus issues through events, committees and campaigns. They oversee the Student Committee on Commitees (SCOC). 
  • Director of Student Life - ER# 6764
  • Outreach Coordinator - ER# 7063 
External Affairs - Represents SUA to the UC Student Association (UCSA) and US Student Association (USSA). Focuses on advocacy efforts for student issues campus-wide and at the UC, state, and national levels. 
  • External Affairs Chief of Staff - ER# 7098 - POSITION FILLED
  • Legislative Liaison - ER# 5395 - POSITION FILLED
Diversity and Inclusion - Coordinates programming addressing issues of diversity and collaborates with campus resource centers, retention services and student organizations. 
  • Outreach Coordinator - ER# 7064 - POSITION FILLED
  • Program Coordinator - ER# 7065 
Vice President of Academic Affairs -  Advocates for students’ academic concerns and issues by gathering student input that analyzes the effect of budget cuts on classroom conditions. They also work on Student Academic Senate. 
  • CLASS Coordinator - ER# 7110 - POSITION FILLED
  • Academic Senate Liaison - ER# 7067 - POSITION FILLED
  • Chief of Staff to VPAA - ER# 7068 - POSITION FILLED
Organizing Director - Serves as the primary organizer for internal and external campus campaigns. They also work on maintaining connects with student organizations and campus movements. 
  • Historian/Media Coordinator - ER# 5412 - POSITION FILLED
  • Community & Labor Liaison - ER# 3866
  • Campaign Coordinator - ER# 4754

To apply for a position, please search for the ER# through the campus Employee Request system:
Please direct your questions to each respective Officer.