2015–2016 Candidate Election Results

May 21, 2015

By , SUA Elections Commissioner 

The SUA Constitutional Amendments have passed, hence the change in titles.

President: Julie Rachel Foster
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Jabari Brown
Vice President of External Affairs: Guillermo E. Rogel, Jr.
Vice President of Diversity: Sauli Colio
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Seamus Howard
Organizing Director: Arturo Motta

Cowell: Imari Reynolds
Stevenson: Daniel Bernstein
Crown: August Valera
Merrill: Lara Loesel
Porter: Roxanna Gutierrez
Kresge: Jacquelyn Roger
Oakes: Tamra Owens
College 8: Adriana Jasmine Garcia
College 9: Rohit Dhar

The race for College 10 Representative resulted in a tie between Ramneet Bajwa and Vanessa Sadsad. Under Section D.1.G of the SUA Bylaws, a day-long runoff election must be held before the end of the academic year. The runoff election will likely be held next week; details will follow.

Results for Measures 61, 62, and 63 will be announced tomorrow by campus administration.