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SUA Elections Packet 2022

The Student Union Assembly is tasked with the responsibility of representing the interests of the Undergraduate Student Body. This is especially true in times of crisis. Although the situation around our communities has changed drastically and there is a multitude of issues we must face, it is important that candidates rise to the occasion to address these issues. The SUA Elections provide an opportunity for the Undergraduate Student Body to select leaders who represent their interests.  

Student Union Assembly Elections utilize Ranked Choice Voting

To facilitate online elections, the SUA Elections Commission has established this webpage to serve as a repository of essential information.  Please direct all elections-related questions to SUA Elections Commissioner Thomas Brock (, Associate Elections Commissioner Grace Yoo (, and SUA Parliamentarian Anna Romstad (  

If there are any issues with this webpage or the information provided herein, please direct comments to SUA Parliamentarian Anna Romstad at

For more information about the general Campus Elections, visit the UCSC Elections Webpage


Although voting only spans a week or two, the SUA Elections process is a long cycle!

Candidate Orientation - February 25th @ 3:30pm, February 28th @ 2:00pm, March 1st @ 3:30pm, March 7th @3:30pm: Aspiring Candidates must attend one orientation and complete their Petition for Candidacy before beginning their Nomination Petition.
  • Petitioning Phase - February 28th to March 25th @5pm: Candidates must fill out forms and acquire signatures from fellow students in order to get on the ballot.
  • Verification Phase - March 25th to April 4th:  Candidate forms are verified by the Dean of Students and SUA Elections Commission to ensure that the information submitted is complete.
  • Campaigning Phase - April 4th to April 17th:  Candidates have a week before voting to make their case, advertise themselves, and articulate their platform!
  • Voting Phase - April 18th to 25th:  Voting is On!  The ballots open and students can rank their preferred candidates.
  • Results Announced - TBD:  The results are tabulated and verified by the Institutional Research, Assessment, and Policy Studies (IRAPS) unit. Results will be announced directly to the candidates first and then publicly.

2022 Election Events

Although the entirety of the SUA Elections are being held online this year, there are still a few events that you can participate in!  These events are designed to enable candidates the ability to engage with questions and voters alike.  Please attend!

  • Campus Elections Forum - April 13th:  Hosted by the Campuswide Elections Commissioner, the Campus Elections Forum is designed to inform interested voters about measures, amendments, and candidates alike!
  • SUA Candidate Debate - April 15th at 6:00pm:  Hosted by the SUA Elections Commission, the SUA Candidate Debate is an opportunity for candidates to advocate for their platform and constituents to air their concerns.  You are likewise encouraged to ask a question in advance of the debate!

SUA Candidate Debate 2022

Petition for Candidacy

Aspiring Candidates must complete the Petition for Candidacy, informing the Elections Commission of the position they intend to run for, and providing a Candidate Statement to be featured on their Nomination Petition.

Nomination Petitions 

The Nomination Petition Phase is closed as of 5:00pm, March 25th.

Before becoming a bona-fide candidate, students who are interested in running must demonstrate at least some measure of student support in order to be placed on the ballot.  The SUA Elections Code lays out the requirements for petitioning based on what kind of position the student is running for.  These requirements were modified through a Bylaw amendment to make it easier for interested students to gather signatures using online means.

  • For SUA Officers:  Students must accrue a minimum of forty signatures from currently enrolled Undergraduate Students with no restrictions on college affiliation.
  • For College Elected Representatives:  Students must accrue a minimum of fifteen signatures from currently enrolled Undergraduate Students who are affiliated with the residential college they seek to represent.

These Petitions allow you to officially support a candidate to be placed on the ballot for a position within UCSC's Officially Recognized Student Government, the Student Union Assembly. By filling out a petition, you indicate a desire for the candidate named to be placed on the ballot for the Spring 2021 election. You may only sign the petition of one candidate in each position, for example "Vice President of Student Life." If you sign multiple petitions for one position your signature will be disqualified. 

Candidates' Statements 

Learn more about candidates' platforms by reading their statements! 


Ray Diaz

Alfredo Gama Salmeron

Brent Insua

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Jimmy Gomez

Vice President of External Affairs

Mitra Zarinebaf 

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion 

Andrew Miguel Kato

Miguel Salcedo

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dora Rasch

Vice Presdient of Student Life  

Mackenzi Rauls

Amalia Bostian

Report Election Violations

The SUA Elections Commission is responsible for administering the elections of candidates seeking office in the 2020 SUA Elections.  If you believe that an election violation has occurred, you are encouraged to use the links below to verify your belief and submit a report to us.  Reports will be responded to in no less than 2 business days after being received.