SUA Elections

Candidate petitions for the Student Union Assembly positions are now open! The SUA is the official undergraduate student government at UC Santa Cruz. 

Please refer to the packet below for requirements and instructions in order to apply, applications are due on Wednesday, April 27th to the Dean of Students Office at Hahn Student Services #245 no later than 5pm.

The Elections Packet can be found on the SUA website here:

If you have any questions please e-mail elections


SUA Elections Commissioner, Simba Khadder
and SUA Associate Elections Commissioner, Leslie Magana

The Elections Commission acknowledges that the elections packet was unavailable on the link that was sent out in the campus email for sometime on the date of April 7th. The Elections Commission decided not to extend the Petition deadline. Although that link was broken, the packet was still available on the SUA website and the link was not broken for a full day. In addition, the Elections Code requires the Petition to be available and advertised for 20 working days, although working days is interpreted as all days except holidays; in which case the packet was available for greater than 20 days regardless.

In addition to the rules in the packet, the Elections Commission has also set these rules: 

Rule 1: The Commission only has the power to ban active campaigning, not passive campaigning. Active campaigning is defined as a candidate actively going out and campaigning in an attempt to get votes.
During a ban on active campaigning:
-Posters and fliers that have been posted already will not have to be taken down; however, new ones cannot be put up
-Social Media posts and pages will not have to be taken down; however, new ones cannot be made.

Rule 2 : No harassment 

Rule 3: Candidates may send emails, but all emails must have a method to unsubscribe. The unsubscribe method should make it clear to a user that they have been successfully unsubscribed. The email must also clearly and obviously include the link to the elections page in the form with this language: “For more information about the UCSC elections and other candidates, please click this link” The link will be available prior to the beginning of elections time

Rule 4: A candidate cannot use services or goods to make a student promise to vote for them 

Rule 5: Candidates cannot laptop or be within 20 feet of anyone laptopping. Laptopping is defined as handing an individual a device (laptop, phone, or a device connected to the internet) in order to have them vote in that moment. The candidate can, however, point to an area where they can go vote.

Rule 6: A candidate cannot look at the screen of someone voting. 

Rule 7: Anyone giving out food should comply with the university's food permit policies 

Rule 8: A candidate may not use a club or organization's resources (staple guns, megaphones, printers, etc.) if they are not readily available to the general public. This does not apply to clubs or organizations that have endorsed the candidate.