Registered Student Organization (RSO) Funding

The deadline to submit Spring 2015 funding requests is Wednesday, April 15 at 5:00 PM. Presentations will be heard at the SOFA meeting the same day at 7:00 PM in McHenry 4372.

University Policy, Section 42.05 defines registered student organizations as those registered with SOAR, Student Media, or OPERS. SUA has a long history of funding RSOs, and earmarks a substantial portion of its annual budget for that purpose.

SUA has established the Student Organization Funding Advisory (SOFA) Committee to streamline the process of RSO funding. The following is a summary of Section F of the SUA Bylaws.

SOFA is a subcommittee of SUA that meets twice per quarter: once to hear requests, and once to deliberate and draft a funding recommendation, which is then presented to SUA for final approval. The SUA Treasurer will contact organizations each quarter to inform them of the deadline to submit requests, and the time and location of the first SOFA meeting so they can present. Presenters will be heard on a first come, first served basis. Each will have 10 minutes to present; any unused time can be used to answer questions.

Requests should be submitted to the Treasurer by email in PDF format before the deadline. Both the request and the presentation should address the following:

Minimum Criteria for Evaluating Funding Requests

  1. Does the event or program supply opportunities for the educational benefits and personal and social enrichment that derive from participation in extracurricular activities?
  2. Goals: Has the organization met its goals in the past?
  3. Benefits: The impact of the event/program on the campus community as a whole, community service.
  4. Uniqueness: Avoidance of duplication of efforts or services by other organizations, events or programs.
  5. Diversity: Does the program/event advance the accessibility of the University to historically underrepresented groups?
  6. Impact: How many students will participate in, attend and/or benefit from the event?

Minimum Information

  1. Name, date, time and place of event(s).
  2. List of sponsors and co-sponsors.
  3. Number of students expected to participate or benefit from event(s).
  4. Explanation of the purpose of the event and how the event will advance the causes, aims or goals of the requesting parties, the Student Union Assembly and the University of California as a whole.

The total amount requested, an itemized budget, and a description of how the requested funds would fit into your organization's overall budget are also recommended.


The following stipulations apply to all RSO funding awards. The Assembly may also add additional stipulations to individual requests.

  • All programs which receive funding from any SUA elective office/commission or the General Fund shall publicly recognize SUA as a sponsor of said program/event (e.g. Mic announcements, T-Shirts, Publications, etc.).
  • All parties which receive funding from any SUA elective office/commission or RSO and Reserve funds must turn in a SUA Programming Evaluation form within three weeks after the event has passed explaining how SUA money was used and how the event succeeded and failed and where organizers plan on improving future events or programs.
  • The Student Union Assembly will not allocate money for any event where alcohol or any other mind-altering substances will be available.
  • The Student Union Assembly will not finance programs or events retroactively.
    • There are generally two weeks between when presentations are heard and the Assembly makes it final decision—please keep this in mind when making a request.