USSA Congress

USSA's National Student Congress 2015

University of Nevada, Las Vegas August 5-10 

Every year student leaders from across the country attend the United States Student Associations (USSA) National Student Congress (NSC).  For six exciting and busy days students debate, envision and vote on USSA’s priorities and leadership for the upcoming year. The NSC is founded upon the belief that students should take the lead in determining how the organization functions on every level. 

Application Now Closed

The UC Santa Cruz delegation to USSA's National Student Congress has already been selected. To learn more about other ways to be involved, please email or

This year we are proud to celebrate the 68th anniversary of students from across the country working tirelessly to set the national student agenda. During this monumental week, each participant will join a wonderful tradition in forming USSA’s goals for the year. Each participant has the opportunity to set the vision and agenda on the national level. Students will participate in regional meetings, caucus and affiliate spaces, workshops, conference governing committees, plenary, and elections for a new board of directors and president and vice president! This is also the conference where changes can be made to the organization’s operations and structure.

Congress is a great opportunity for students across the country to get their voices heard and prioritize their issues in the national student movement!

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