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Katie Keeshen

Hey y’all! I’m Katie Keeshen and I’m one of the Stevenson Appointed SUA Representatives this year. This is my second year at UCSC and my second year being involved in SUA. I’m a politics major and in my freetime I like to embroider, listen to podcasts, wander around in the woods, and play tabletop rpgs. I’m happy to answer any questions or chat about student government stuff at anytime so please come to my office hours or shoot me an email!  Tuesdays 2-3 pm @ Stevenson Coffee House

Zach Klieman

I am a first year history major and I aspire to eventually work for the government. In addition to being involved with Stevenson Student Council and SUA, I also volunteer for CALPIRG (California public interest research group), a student-run, student-funded student action non-profit here on campus that works on issues like climate change, the high cost of college, poverty in our communities, and supporting our democracy. I like to listen to music, hike, and play soccer. I wanted to join SUA because I wanted to be part of a decision-making process, in which I could contribute to making students feel valued, respected, and advocated for, and so that I could contribute to creating a kind, inclusive, and open-minded campus community. Please feel free to contact me whenever, however often, and with anything at all. I am happy to meet with anyone. 

Cameron Elliot

The chair of Stevenson Student Council is Kaia Partlow (

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