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Celinda Montoya

Celinda Montoya

I am a first year at UCSC, undeclared and still searching for my purpose. I am an SUA Rep, SAS Rep, Kresge Parliament Member, and CALPIRG Intern.

I am a SoCal native and I love Santa Cruz!

I am an active member in my community where I advocate for equality and sustainability. I love the outdoors and hiking with friends!


Tara Parcella Kresge Representative

Tara Parcella

Tara Parcella is a 4th year General Biology (B.S.) major, originally from San Jose, CA. She is an appointed SUArepresentative from Kresge College and an active member of Kresge Parliament. She is also the President of the UCSC Equestrian Team. On weekends she can be found working as a catering server in Saratoga, spending time with her girlfriend, experiencing nightlife and music downtown Santa Cruz, or in the Bay Area visiting friends.

Hana King Kresge Representative

Hana King

My name is Hana King and I am a second year sociology major. I'm from San Diego, CA and I try to lead a minimalistic lifestyle. I love to read, hike and learn new recipes. 

The chair of Kresge Parliament is Sawyer Simmons ( 

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