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Sabina Wildman


Hi everyone! I'm the Crown College representative y'all elected last Spring, come talk to me during my office hours or email me if you have questions or concerns or you're just curious about what's going on in SUA and you want to learn more! I am also the Crown College representative to SFAC (Student Fee Advisory Cmte) and I am happy to share and discuss those sorts of issues as well. Just so you know a little about myself I am personally involved with some student organizations relating to race, religion, and politics that I am very passionate about. I am also involved in organizing actions around a multiplicity of issues such as building student and worker solidarity on campus and in general, working to build coalitions across campus in an effort to continue growing student power to fight against injustices that the campus community is facing.

Appointed Rebecah Kenny (

Saalini Sastry


The chair of Crown Senate is Lily Li (

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