Rachel Carson College

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Thomas Ramirez

Thomas Ramirez (He/Him/His)

I also go by Tommy Barriere and work as a programs assistant at Rachel Carson College and am open to any questions or suggestions to bring to the assembly— hit me up whenever or if you see me around campus!
tharamir@ucsc.edu Fall 2016

Lauryn Wilson

Lauryn Wilson (She/Her/Hers)

My name is Lauryn Wilson and I am an appointed representative for Rachel Carson College. I am majoring in politics and minoring in legal studies, and my interests include participating in intramural soccer/volleyball, art, coffee, and discussing politics.
Through holding this position, I hope to help inform students on policies that directly affect them and to create a comfortable space for them to voice their concerns/opinions. Feel free to email me at any time!


Matthew Forman

Matthew Forman (He/Him/His)

I am a Physics major here at UCSC. I love helping resolve things and want to assist in making our school a more tolerant, fair and productive learning environment for all students. 


The chair of Rachel Carson College Senate is Noah Thoron (nthoron@ucsc.edu)