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Kiryl Karpiuk

Kiryl Karpiuk

My name is Kiryl Karpiuk (he/him/his) and I am a second-year Politics major and Economics minor.  I am also the College Nine elected SUA representative.  As the SUA representative, Student Fee Advisory Committee appointee, College Nine senator, and member of the UCSC Democrats it is safe to say student government is my passion.  Representing the College Nine community and making sure their voice is heard at all levels of student government is something that I believe is extremely important and is vital to improving student quality of life.  I have done and will continue to do whatever I can to improve lives of students by working on issues of food insecurity, making sure their student fees are allocated efficiently into events and programs relevant to them, and in any other way I can make myself useful.

Samantha SanchezSamantha Sanchez

I have always felt an eagerness to improve the lives of people in my community. Therefore, I appreciate how SUA provides opportunities to be an active member in politics that impact student life. Finding solutions to student issues, while enriching their college experience, is my ultimate aspiration. Thursdays 11:35-12:35 @ Terry Freitas Cafe

Vignesh Iyer


The president of College 9 Senate is Ray Ramos (