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Officer  Tamra Owens
Office Hours Mondays, 5pm-8pm & By Appointment
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Welcome and thank you visiting my page!

My name is Tamra Owens and I’m the Vice President of Student Life!

About Me
I’m originally from Temecula, CA and I’m excited embark on my third year here at UC Santa Cruz! I got involved in the Assembly not because I was interested in politics, but because I was interested in students. My freshman year I was the appointed Oakes Representative and during the Spring of my freshman year I was elected to be the Oakes representative for the 2015/16 school year. When my sophomore year came, I was eager to invest more of my energy and time in the Assembly beyond being just a representative. My drive led me to be hired under the President's Office as the Treasurer of the Assembly and eventually I became the Committee Vice Chair of Student Committee on Committees under the Internal Vice President's Office as well. My involvement outside of the Assembly during this time included volunteering at the Homeless Service Center, being a Summer Orientation Leader, and working at the College 8/Oakes Dining Hall. It is the expriences from the multiple jobs I have worked during my time here at Santa Cruz that has motivated me to be the Vice President of Student Life and an RA at College 9 this year. I have fallen in love with  the community and the family I have created here with the amazing people on this campus. As long I am still a student here, I will continue to serve students and advocate for their welfare.

About My Office
My office is responsible creating programs to engage, educate, and unite the student body while increasing the visibility of the assembly and other organizations on campus. I have three goals this year and that is to have the SUA put on more programs for students, tackle food insecurity, and raise more awareness and educate students on the issue of mental health. I want the SUA, and my office specifically directly handle these issues to make a tangible difference in students lives.

Recently the Student Life Office released the Student Life Survey which is assessed the effectiveness of the Student Union Assembly. Click this link for the results of over 2,600 students who voiced their concerns.

The Student Life office is launching the Food Pantry & Lounge at OPERS May 17th! Need more information on the project? Click this link here ;)


Email me at OR come to my Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-3pm

Bonus Facts: -I can lick my nose
                      -I like to feed ducks
                      -I don't eat/drink the color blue