Vice President of Student Life

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Officer  Tamra Owens
Office Hours M/W/F 2:30pm-3:30pm or By Appointment
Major Business Management Economics 



About Me

I'm from Temecula, California, I'm entering my last year here at UCSC, and I'm graduating in the Spring with a degree in Business Management Economics with an Emphasis in Accounting. Aside from being involved in the Student Union Assembly, I'm also a Residential Assistant at College 9 and I am a Summer Orientation Leader. I have a passion for service and empowering new students to get involved on campus and make a difference. I'm also an avid sushi eater and duck feeder. 

About My Office

This is my 2nd year holding this office and my primary focus is creating programs, events, and collaborations with other departments on campus that will help improve the quality of life for students. My office oversees the Food Pantry & Lounge program at OPERS and if you'd like to learn more about the project or how to become a volunteer, click this link. My office is also charged with creating events on campus; events we've done in the past include a Comedy Night ft. Hari Kondabolu, a community dinner, a concert ft. Daniel Caesar, and more! My office is always looking for new ideas for events so feel free to let me know what you'd like to see on campus. We also need people to staff these events so if you're looking for short-term work in event planning, become a Special Events Assistant using ER coode 8031 (no expirence is needed for hire!) Lastly, we're always looking for new ways to collaborate qwith different departments or organizations around campus so if you'd like to partner up for an event don't hesitate to send an email. I'm looking forward to another amazing year serving this campus and I hope I get a chance to connect with you. 


Email me at OR come to my Office Hours: M/W/F form 2:30-3:30pm

Bonus Facts: -I can lick my nose
                      -I'm an Aries 
                      -I don't eat/drink the color blue