External Affairs Staff

The Office of External Affairs is currently hiring interns for the school year 2018-2019. For full job descriptions and to apply, please go to the ER system at http://www.careercenter.ucsc.edu/ers/erspub/main.cfm?action=non_workstudy. Below, is a summary of the jobs we have to offer. 

Chief of Staff to the Vice President of External Affairs 


The Chief of Staff will report to the VP of External Affairs. They will assist each member of the office on their projects. Will also take initiative on UCSA and campus campaigns. Attend meetings on behalf of the office and will occasionally attend SUA meetings.


SUA Legislative Director


The Legislative Director will report the VP of External Affairs. This person will assist in developing and researching legislative priorities of the UC Student Association and of the Student Union Assembly. Work will require meetings with UC government relations and local state legislators, frequently checking email, writing legislative summaries and facilitating Lobby Corp on a weekly basis.

Campus Organizing Director


This position works under the Student Union Assembly's External Vice President and will collaborate with the University of California's Student Association, and the Student Union Assembly to inform and collaborate with other organizing bodies on campus about the campaigns that are going to be worked on during the year at the local, state, and national level. Duties of this position include:

-Serves as a Board Member of the UC Student Association

-Organize events, rallies, programs, etc. for student issues at the campus, state, and national level

-Organize to bring UCSA campaigns to the UCSC community

-Meet with students and organizations around campus to communicate campaigns and possible collaborations

-Mentor Organizing Assistants