Johanna Guerra

  • Johanna

    Chief of Staff to the Commissioner of Academic Affairs

    Birthday: April 20th

    Office Hours: Friday 1-2p @ Global Village Cafe (McHenry Library)

    Contact: (for office hours), (for inquires)

    Major: History of Art and Visual Culture

    Bio: I am a junior transfer from East Los Angeles College. I am a History of Art and Visual Culture major and one day I would like to travel the world. My involvement with student government began in community college but it has not stopped there. Getting to UCSC was half my goal, while here I want to accomplish many more things. Being involved with SUA will not only allow me to acquire experience but grow as an individual.

    Fall Quarterly Report

  • Nicky England

  • Nicky

    Library Liaison

    Birthday: June 22nd

    Office Hours: Tuesdays @ Global Village Cafe/McHenry Library

    Contact: (for office hours), (for inquires)

    Majors: Politics & Jewish Studies

    Bio: My name is Nicky and I'm a sophomore double majoring in Jewish Studies and Politics. I am affiliated with College Nine and I'm originally from San Diego, California. In my free time, I love hanging out with my sorority sisters or running philanthropy events for my sorority, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. I also have another job as a campus tour guide, educating potential students about all that our school has to offer. I can frequently be found in the library with some coffee studying or reading good book. 

  • Jessica Ly

  • Jessica

    CLASSurvey Coordinator

    Birthday: July 18th

    Office Hours: Global Village Café Wednesday 5-7pm or by appointment

    Contact: (for office hours), (for inquires)

    Major: Politics w/ emphasis in International Relations

    Bio: Hello, my name is Jessica Ly and I am a first-generation college-transfer student. I am majoring in Politics with an emphasis in International Relations. Currently, I am involved with SUA and Cowell Student Senate. I love learning and I enjoy listening to people’s stories. I have a few good stories up my sleeve, too. My stories are kind of corny, though. I enjoy watching Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Walking Dead. I also like rollerblading.

    One of my biggest passions and concern is higher education. I support students’ academic endeavors and I hope that one day everyone will have equal access to a quality education. As CLASS coordinator, one of my goals is to encourage students to participate in the survey. The purpose of this survey is to provide critical and valuable student feedback to the University to ensure academic success. Furthermore, I intend to engage and motivate my peers to become more involved in relevant student-life issues as well as University politics.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

Academic Senate Liaison

  • Serve as the primary liaison between the Commissioner of Academic Affairs (CAA), SUA Academic Senate, and the Student Academic Senate. This includes attending meetings and assisting the Commissioner of Academic Affairs in communicating the thoughts and concerns of students.  
  • Develop and administer opinion surveys and polls regarding issues and/or initiatives currently under discussion or proposed within the Student Union Assembly or student body at-large. 
  • Attend required SUA Assembly meetings and events. 
  • Accompany the Commissioner of Academic Affairs to meetings with university administration, events, speeches, appearances, etc. as needed. 
  • Hold at least one (1) hour per week for office hours and serve on at least one (1) University Committee.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the SUA CAA.