Student Union Assembly Interns Bi-weekly Reports

1) Chief of Staff 

  • Assist with special projects, as directed by the Chair.
  • Meet with Chair weekly.
  • Act as liaison for the Chair when she cannot attend specified events and meetings.
  • Attend all SUA General Body meetings and rotate through committee meetings.
  • Co-manage credit interns, as directed by the Chair.
  • Arrange quarterly college senate meetings and report back to the SUA body.
  • Call quarterly Council of Chairs meetings.
  • Coordinate Quarterly meetings with College Senates to provide SUA updates and foster SUA transparency and collaboration.
  • Facilitate team-building exercises and similar activities with the SUA body quarterly.
  • Collect and enforce monthly reports from representatives and ensure their placement on the SUA website.
  • Serve as liaison to the President’s Council, as needed.
  • Shall attend meetings with UCSC Administration for mentorship, as requested by the Chair.
  • Attend all Chair staff meetings

2) Deputy Chief of Staff 

  • Serve as a legislative liaison between the Chair and the College Governments. This includes assisting the Chair with implementing legislative initiatives & priorities and working with college government chairs.Assist the Vice Chair of Internal Affairs with recruitment for University Committees.
  • Develop and administer opinion surveys and polls regarding issues and/or initiatives currently under discussion or proposal within the Student Government Association or student body at-large.
  • Develop and administer leadership and professional development for SUA interns.
  • Plan and coordinate social events for Officers and all assembly members.
  • Assist the Chief of Staff in coordinating the SUA Assembly Retreat.
  • Assist in operations for all SUA events by assists SUA Officers and staff with the set-up and execution of events.
  • Attend SUA Assembly meetings and events.
  • Accompany the Chair to meetings with university administration, events, speeches, appearances, etc. as needed.
  • Serve on at least one (1) University Committee.
  • Hold at least 2 hours per week for office hours.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the SUA Chair.

3) Chief Justice 

  • Assist with constitutional interpretation, as directed by the Chair
  • Call and Facilitate the SUA Chair’s Advisory Council
  • Assist and present all resolutions or referendums created by the SUA or as directed by the Chair.
  • Act as a liaison between the Office of the SUA Chair to Campus Legal Counsel and Campus Judicial Affairs.
  • Act as one of the SUA representatives on the judicial board.
  • Organize monthly meetings with Campus Police, advise the Chair on campus safety issues and review local, state and federal laws.
  • Listen to all sides of a case in order to determine student responsibility or non-responsibility.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue regarding the facts of the case by posing fact-finding and educational questions;
  • Balance the rights of the individual student with the safety and security of the University community;
  • Determine educational sanctions and learning opportunities for the responsible student as applicable.
  • Shall attend meetings with UCSC Administration, as requested by the Chair
  • Attend all Chair staff meetings and SUA meetings.

4) Chief Financial Officer 

  • Shall serve as the Chief Financial Officer and organize and maintain effective financial operations for the Student Union Assembly
  • Shall be the SUA representative on the student fee advisory committee
  • Shall be responsible for the development and management of the SUA budget with both the SUA Chair and SUA Treasurer
  • Shall assist in oversight of all SUA Board/Committee budgets and prepare recommended Board/Committee budgets for the following year every spring.
  • Shall ensure that the SUA and its Subsidiary Councils are spending within each line item, to ensure the SUA is fiscally sound, and is following Article XII of the SUA Constitution.
  • Shall meet weekly with the SUA Chair
  • Shall meet regularly with the SUA Fiscal Manager, Treasurer and Business Manager to review SUA finances and fiscal stability.
  • The Chief Financial Officer shall have such other powers and perform other duties as may be assigned by the SUA Chair or the assembly.

5) Chief Information Officer 

  • Shall serve as the Chief Information Officer and organize and maintain effective technological operations for the Student Union Assembly
  • Shall be the SUA representative on the Advisory Committee for Information Technology (ACIT)
  • Shall be the SUA representative to the Academic Senate computing and telecommunications committee (CCT)
  • Shall be responsible for construction and maintenance of the SUA website.
  • Collaborates in the development of fiscal processes for the entertainment reporting and requisition forms (ERFs)
  • Reviews and negotiates contracts and pricing for the acquisition of information technologies.
  • Provide communications and marketing services to the Office of the SUA Chair and Student Union Assembly
  • Provide writing, editing, graphic design, and review services for consistency in design and content of online employee pay documents.
  • Implement, administer, and maintain websites for the WCMS
  • Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of communications.
  • Creating print materials for marketing purposes (e.g., posters, handouts, brochures, etc.).
  • Developing communication campaigns.

6) Director of Marketing and Social Media

  • Responsible for creating posters, displays, handouts, press releases, speeches, videos, etc.
  • Be in charge of photography and take pictures at all SUA events. Upload images to both the facebook page and website.
  • Encourage participation and feedback from the student body.
  • Maintain and create posts on the SUA Facebook page and website.
  • Create and maintain a database of information about college resources and current issues
  • Work toward bringing student issues to Student Government
  • Investigate and solve individual student problems with outreach
  • Obtain and investigate pertinent information from college policymaking groups and entities
  • Assist in creating a monthly SUA newsletter
  • Ensure student representation on college committees through collaboration with the Student Committees on Committees
  • Report directly to the Student Union Assembly Chair to discuss responsibilities of office and relevant issues

Constitutional Appointees:

1) SUA Treasurer 

2) SUA Recording Clerk