Constitutional Duties

SUA Chair Constitutional Duties

  1. Leader and principal spokesperson of the Student Body.
  2. Chair the meeting of the Assembly.
  3. Ensure cohesive and effective interaction within the Assembly and the campus.
  4. Act as an ex-officio, non-voting member of all SUA committees, subcommittees, and task forces.
  5. Required to hold weekly office hours at the SUA office.
  6. Attend weekly officer meeting(s) to ensure communication and collaboration.
  7. Work in collaboration with the other officers, business manager, committees, subcommittees and taskforces to create a budget for the following academic year, which must be approved by the SUA in spring (Article VII, Section A).
  8. Prepares a monthly report evaluating the SUA, which provides constructive criticism, for the purposes of improvement.
  9. Carryout any other duties set forth in this constitution, the bylaws and/or as assigned by the Assembly.
  10. Appoints the Treasurer and the Recording Clerk by the last meeting of the Fall Quarter. The selection needs to be ratified for the Treasurer by the body by a simple majority vote.
  11. Shall meet once a quarter with the College Senate Advisor and the Organization Advisor in conjunction with the Council of Chairs and Leaders of the Organizations to ensure cohesiveness and explain happenings of the Student Union Assembly in order to establish transparency. The Chair does not adhere to any administration, unless stated in system wide or university policy.