Vice President of Academic Affairs

Officer Jessica Xu
Office Hours Mondays 4-6 PM and Fridays 9-10:30 AM
Major Politics and Economics 
College College 10


My name is Jessica Xu and I am the Vice President of Academic Affairs. I am a second year from Oakland, CA. I joined the Student Academic Senate (SAS) my first quarter at UCSC and became chair during Spring 2016. As chair, I tackled issues including classroom quality, online enrollment, and overcrowding. This year, SAS’s membership has tripled in size and we have decided to focus various problems, from male-dominated spaces and loss of study spaces to tuition hikes and the cumulative costs of textbooks and course materials. In addition, I sit on the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) as an undergraduate representative and participate in discussions about changes to academic departments/programs, program reviews, and course/program proposals, just to name a few.

Aside from my roles in SAS and CEP, I am the Vice President of College Ten Senate and a Student Life and University Guide for the UCSC Office of Admissions. I have also served as the undergraduate representative to the Committee on Teaching, the College Ten Representative to the Student Fee Advisory Committee, a research assistant in the Politics Department and a planner for the Practical Activism Conference.

For the remainder of this year, I hope to serve as a communication medium between administration, faculty, and students. Specifically, I will do my best to support SAS in achieving their goals while ensuring that the administration does not overlook the prevalent issues of overcrowding, classroom quality, and online enrollment. Most importantly, I want to outreach to various support and underrepresented minority groups on campus for their input on academic problems that students face and collaborate with the administration, faculty, and students to promote student academic success at UCSC. Please feel free to email me if you would like to voice your concerns or share your experiences at I would love to hear from YOU!

Jessica Xu
Vice President of Academic Affairs